Date of implemented project: 2023
Kaunas Žemeiši Šanųi Vilija Park of 14 lights

Monthly savings details:

Electricity tariff 0.26 eur/kWh
Theoretical consumption: 213.90 kW/h, saved 187.36 kW/h
Actual price: 6.90 eur
Theoretical price: 55.61 eur
Saved: 48.71 eur

Normally, the lights of this park were on all night. A decision was made to consciously use resources – to comfortably turn off the lights of the park when there are no people in it.
The Lusety lighting control system was installed in the park, which not only saves costs, but also saves natural resources.


After installing the Lusety system in “Vilijos” park, it is estimated that the investment in lighting equipment will pay off in 2.8 years.

We thank the city of Kaunas for trusting and allowing the installation of Lusety, a smart lighting control system, in Vilija Park.