Lighting as a service

Upgrade your existing lighting system to an innovative LED lighting system without any upfront costs.

LaaS (Lighting as a Service) is a business model where companies can get lighting solutions as a service instead of buying or renting lighting equipment. This model is based on long-term service contracts with Laas providers who install, maintain and support the lighting system for a fixed monthly fee.

Assessment of the existing lighting system
Installing a new energy-saving lighting system
Immediately get 80% savings on your electricity bills
Monitoring and maintenance that you don't have to worry about

Benefits of the LaaS model


Low initial costs

No need to invest in new equipment.


Financial flexibility

Laas allows companies to spend money on other business development or improvement initiatives, as the lighting system is a service and not an asset to be carried on the balance sheet.


Efficient use of energy

Laas services use energy-efficient LED lighting technology. This allows businesses to reduce energy consumption and lower energy bills.


Ongoing maintenance and technical support

The Laas service provider is responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of the lighting system throughout the duration of the service contract. This allows the business not to worry about technical problems or failures.


Options for upgrades

Laas service providers can upgrade the lighting system with more advanced technology when it becomes possible. Businesses can always benefit from the latest lighting solutions at no extra cost.


Long-term cooperation

Laas service contracts are usually for a long period of time. This ensures stability and long-term technical support for the business.



LED lighting technology is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. With Laas, businesses can contribute to sustainability.


Business process optimisation

Laas can include intelligent lighting control that allows you to control and optimise lighting according to business needs and schedules.


Adapting to changing needs

Laas service providers can tailor lighting solutions to suit the needs of their business, e.g. industrial sites, commercial sites and streets.


Lower administrative requirements

Laas service providers handle the administration of the lighting system, including billing, technical support and reporting, thus reducing the administrative burden on the business.


After the end of the contract

Lighting equipment remains the responsibility of the customer.