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Intelligent lighting control system

One of the ways to reduce electricity consumption in public spaces, spaces and streets is the use of a smart lighting control system. With this solution, you can reduce electricity-related costs and improve comfort and productivity.


The lighting is constantly turned on where there are no people. The majority of electrical energy is consumed inefficiently.


Costs for electricity can be reduced by implementing automated lighting control based on people's needs.

Energy consumption every day

The graph shows how the new lighting system adapts to the periodic movement and saves as a result. The dotted line indicates the use of the old lighting.

Payment system (old account and new)

Actual results may vary depending on the individual situation.

After renewing the lighting system with Lusety, the costs of the electrician are minimized, the service life of the equipment is extended, troubleshooting is optimized and, most importantly, energy consumption is reduced.

Advantages of Lusety

0 €



Less energy consumption


We will extend the service life of the lights
Extend the life of Me lights Engineering support
We will reduce the service costs of the electricity industry
We will save your costs without risk

In summary, the intelligent lighting control solution “Lusety” saves you money
on average 85% percent and pays for itself in 2 years.

This is how smart solutions work!

Customer reviews

Renaldas Barauskas
Director of Signeda
"At first it seemed like it sounded too good to be true, but now we are more than surprised and satisfied with the results. We are glad that we chose Lusety, because the work was carried out systematically, quickly and efficiently. From the first days of implementing the system, we are happy with the savings, as we received a 92% lower bill in the very next month. Since the light wave follows the person, he doesn't even notice that the lights are connected, and as a result, the room is bright, but the efficiently used light saves a lot of energy costs."