Resource-conscious solutions

In 2017, we founded a company with the primary goal of saving electrical energy while creating comfort for humans and building a sustainable environment. Conservation of natural resources will increasingly become an important issue and corporate responsibility. We combined the experience accumulated in the lighting market with professors from Kaunas University of Technology to create something that will fundamentally change the perception of lighting. With the help of our innovative solution, we can manage lighting in a way that makes people feel exceptionally comfortable, while reducing energy consumption by up to 80 percent.


Creating a sustainable and comfortable world for people by combining autonomous energy-efficient solutions.


We aim to manage resources efficiently by developing energy saving solutions for business and the public sector.


Integrity, Efficiency, Innovation

We are proud to hold the following certificates

Sertifikatu aprasymas Klientas yra nustebintas, kad viskas buvo atlikta metodiškai ir profesionaliai technologiškai. Ir maloniai nustebintas, kad tikrai sekanti mėnesį sąskaita už elektra sumažėjo N kartų.